Why Should I Invest in Touch n Glow?

If you are ready for something different career wise, our beauty franchise opportunity from Touch n Glow Studio is perfect for you. Whether you are looking for a more flexible schedule or you are ready to be your own boss, investing in a franchise could be the way to take control of your career. Working in the beauty industry allows you to help other people feel good and can be a unique way to find financial freedom. We have seen the need for beauty services continue to rise over the years and we don’t expect those stats to go anywhere anytime soon! Touch n Glow gives you the opportunity to provide eyelash extensions, luxury Indian facials, eyebrow threading, henna tattoos and more!

Franchises typically have a higher success rate compared to startup businesses, simply because franchises operate under a successful business model. Touch n Glow has a proven track record in the beauty industry and our success gives you the framework for your own. Startups and independent businesses must adjust their business model as they go along. Some advantages that franchises can provide include:

Grow your business faster – Starting a business from the ground up can take time to really get started. You must create a business plan, learn about lease negotiation, and invest in graphic design, bookkeeping, sales, and more.
Support is in abundance – When you invest in a franchise your franchisor typically provides support in areas like marketing, training, and sales. An executive team is available to answer questions and fellow franchisees are also available to help!
Higher earning potential – As a beauty franchise owner, you will have a direct say in the amount of your income based off the business model you pick and the amount of time you invest in your business.
Confidence – People like brands that they are familiar with and that they trust. It’s easier to attract customers when you are investing in a highly established franchise brand that is known for its reputation.
Flexible schedule – Depending on the business model you invest in will determine how flexible your schedule will be. As your own boss, you can draw out your own schedule and make time for things of importance to you.
Easier business growth – When you establish in a successful franchise, you’re investing in a proven successful system. When you show initial business success to lenders it can increase your chance of finding the financing you need to grow your beauty business.

Investing in a beauty franchise from Touch n Glow Studio can prove to be an amazing start to your future that offers many advantages.  If you are eager to learn more or are ready to lay the first brick to your business, contact us today!