The Pros and Cons of a Getting a Facial

We all want that perfect and fresh-looking skin, but as the fates would have it, not everyone is blessed with a completely clear complexion. Something that can help keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best is a facial! As with anything new, it is always wise to know the good and bad side of whatever you are trying, especially when it deals with your skin. As a beauty salon franchise, Touch n Glow Studio give you the run down on facials before you commit to getting one!


  • Exfoliation: Dead skin cells are removed from the surface of the skin and your pores benefit from the deep cleaning. Exfoliation also allows for skin care products to get into your skin more efficiently.
  • Steaming: With this process, your pores can be rid of white heads and black heads.
  • Massage: This helps with blood circulation and application of skin care products.
  • Mask: At the end of your facial, a mask is used to calm your skin and to ensure that the skin is hydrated.


  • Allergies: It is common for facials to cause skin allergies, so make sure to ask what is in the products that will be used on your skin.
  • Breakouts: If you are prone to acne and breakouts, the creams and excessive exfoliation used in facials may cause your skin to react badly. Always discuss what your skin type is and ask for products that will work accordingly for you.
  • Tools: Any of the tools that are being used on your face should be cleaned and sterilized. Ask your esthetician if you are wary about the hygiene level of the tools being used, or the salon you are in.

Touch n Glow offers three options to met your facial needs. We specifically add Indian herbs to heal and nourish your skin and bring a healthy glow that stays beyond the salon. Touch n Glow clients particularly enjoy our Gold leaf facial option and request this repeatedly. Call Touch n Glow Studio today to learn how we can jump start your facial clientele.

Touch n Glow Studio, as a beauty salon franchise, has tips and tricks for a variety of beauty and skin care procedures. We also offer franchise opportunities for individuals who may be interested in opening their own salon. Contact us today with questions!