Touch n Glow Helps You Become a Successful Franchise Owner

Are you tired of your current job? Would you like to expand your interest into owning your own business? Touch n Glow offers beauty franchise opportunities to experienced business owners and newly budding entrepreneurs alike. If you are considering a new business venture, our model allows you to create a salon that offers a variety of services including eyelash extensions, luxury facials, makeovers, henna tattoos, eyebrow threading, and eyebrow tinting. We provide a painless, attainable approach to beauty that clients respond and connect to.

According to Forbes magazine, the Beauty Industry is growing in areas that help customers express themselves, have instant gratification and define an individual look all while using natural products. Touch n Glow Salons offer the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of these growing trends. Our Indian facials using natural ingredients draw out client’s natural beauty and help you develop a partnership and meet their skincare goals. The striking Henna Tattoos we provide give clients instant, painless gratification for customers who want to shine and share their individuality. The highly popular eyelash extensions we specialize in allow your clients to leave Touch n Glow with an easy, painless glamour that will have them returning for a touch up within the month. Don’t forget about the eyebrow threading service that we offer; clients appreciate the laser sharp approach to beautiful brows that arrive without the pain.

Our biggest goal is to help you succeed and we are there for you every step of the way. On top of understanding the beauty industry there are a few other steps we help you navigate:

  • 1. Create a business plan: The first step in buying a franchise is creating a business plan to use throughout the process. You will want to factor in the initial investment costs of starting one of our franchises, obtaining insurance and licenses, etc.
  • 2. Determine financing: The total investment range for starting one of our franchise locations is anywhere from $81,410 – $141,250. Whether you need a business line of credit or a family member is gifting you start-up money, you will need to have a plan in place for your financing.
  • 3. Select a location: With the help of our franchise team, we will help you select a site location that works for your beauty salon. Depending on your area, we will determine which location fits best with your business needs.
  • 4. Hire and train your staff: Once you have determined a location, you will need to hire your staff and begin training. Our team is happy to assist you with anything you need during the training process.
  • 5. Establish your web presence: Having an online presence in today’s tech savvy world is critical in running a successful business. By partnering with us, we ensure that you have an attractive website, designed to get you found in search results.

Building a profitable franchise is one phone call away – with the tools that Touch n Glow offers you and the guidance our Franchise Agreement provides we have created a successful, on point beauty model with the support you are looking for. We look forward to working with you!