10 Looks for the New Year

As the year wraps up, it is time to take a look at the beauty trends that will be up and coming in the new year. We are looking at more color and less foundation, as well as cleaner eyebrows and bold eyeliner. As a beauty salon franchise, Touch N Glow has all the information you need to stay on top of your game when it comes to what is in, in 2020!

  1. Bold Mascara: We are talking pink, blue, green, you name it! Give the classic black a break and take a risk with color.
  2. Neon: Rather than “all over neon” we mean minimalistic neon. Skip the swoop of color over your entire lid and opt for the corners of your eye instead for a simple pop of color.
  3. Pink Lip: While it’s been bold red in the past, we are looking at bright pink in the new year.
  4. Floating Eyeliner: Go outside the lines in 2020 with floating liner. Easy to do and gives off incredibly cool vibes.
  5. Watercolor Eyes: Both playful and soft, we are seeing watercolor eyes much more these days. Definitely something to watch for in the new year!
  6. Structured Brows: Rather than messy brows of the past, 2020 is calling for polished and strong. Perfect time for brow gel!
  7. Pastel Eyeliner: While neon was the go-to in 2019, pastel is the new girl on the block for 2020.
  8. Gold Studs: If you’ve been watching Euphoria, then you know gold studs are what’s up and coming in 2020. If not, it’s never too late to catch up and see just what we mean!
  9. Lip Stain: While bold color is fun, you don’t always have to go bold. Try a subtle lip stain. Low maintenance and dreamy!
  10. Mismatched Eyeshadow: 2020 is for risks, whether it be bold mascara or mismatched eyeshadow. Choose completely different colors or go for more similar hues. The choice is yours!

In terms of what will be coming around, 2020 is sure to be fully stocked with glowing skin, pops of color, and lip stains. We can’t wait! Touch N Glow is your beauty salon franchise with all the ins and outs of the season. From fashion to skin care, we can keep you up-to-date about what is in and what is to come.